Best & Fairest Mason Kip
Runner-Up Best & Fairest William Dawson
3rd Best & Fairest Robbie Milne
Best Clubman Timothy Seccombe
Most Consistent Marcus Groves
Coaches Award Patrick Kerr
Best Player In Finals Robbie Milne
Rising Star Award Alex Grigg


Best & Fairest Tristan Furr
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Jared Smith
3rd Best & Fairest Mitchal Cunningham
Best Clubman Jarrod Gafa
Most Improved Ashley Gauci
Most Determined Matthew Morrison
Best Player In Finals Nathan Cowie

Youth Girls

Best & Fairest Emily Gardner
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Georgia Chircop
3rd Best & Fairest Caelin Currie
Best Clubman Chloe Caterino
Most Determined Paige Cutter
Most Improved Taylor Morris

Under 17B

Best & Fairest Zachary Strong
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Thomas Smith
3rd Best & Fairest Matthew Harmer
Best Clubman Jesse Patterson
Most Determined Paul Magnabosco
Most Improved Jackson Hawkins

Under 17C

Best & Fairest Ethan Piscopo
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Sam McGrath
3rd Best & Fairest Aidan Van Der Linden
Best Clubman Timothy Edwards
Most Determined Sean Sturrock
Most Improved Marcus Gianchino

Under 14

Best & Fairest Max Rouvray
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Matthew Collins
3rd Best & Fairest Kyle Douglass
Best Clubman Benjamin Walker
Most Consistent Connor Brown
Most Improved Cooper Howarth

Under 15B

Best & Fairest Brandon Robinson
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Kyle Castro
3rd Best & Fairest Darcy Harmer
Best Clubman William Colley
Most Determined Aleksa Ristivojevic
Most Consistent Callum Leitch

Under 13A

Best & Fairest Bailey Moffatt
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Massimo D’Ambrosio
3rd Best & Fairest Cain Wallace
Best Clubman Bowen Ware
Most Courageous Connor Lilly
Most Improved Heath Schiavello
Best Player In Finals Bailey Moffatt

Under 13C

Best & Fairest Ishan Kumar
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Matthew Deeb
3rd Best & Fairest Fletcher Snell
Best Clubman Joshi Patterson
Most Improved Mohamed Ibrahim
Most Valuable Adam Attard
Best Player In Finals Matthew Deeb

Under 12A

Best & Fairest Braxton Simms
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Cooper Mullens
3rd Best & Fairest Ethan Nightingale
Best Clubman Flynn Trembath
Most Consistent Jesse Weller
Most Improved Karim El Cheikh
Best Player In Finals Johnathon Curry-Hughes

Under 12C

Best & Fairest Marcus Hole
EQUAL Runner-Up Best & Fairest Tylar Archer
EQUAL Runner-Up Best & Fairest Andrew Liv
Best Clubman Mark Stoicos
Most Improved Jack McGraw
Most Consistent Charlie Muraca

Under 11 East

Best & Fairest Jayden Archer
Runner-Up Best & Fairest Michael Cilmi
3rd Best & Fairest Corey Sewell
Best Clubman Orlando Johnson
Most Consistent William Schlemitz
Most Improved Hussein Hasna
Best Player In Finals Isley Timothy

Under 11 West

Best & Fairest Oliver Scomazzon
EQUAL Runner-Up Best & Fairest Jye Moffatt
EQUAL Runner-Up Best & Fairest George Pandazopoulos
Best Clubman Tyler McCullough
Most Improved Dave Botsaris
Best Team Player Darcy Rouvray

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